Stone Residence – California

A new private residence rises over the hills of Sant Helena, California, this is a result of an ambitious and elaborate architectural project. Thanks to the skilful use of natural materials such as wood and exposed stone, the architecture of the house blends perfectly into the surrounding environment, creating a visual harmony that keeps its consistency into the interiors as well.

There was a great attention to detail during the lighting design process in order to bring out every single detail of the residence. For this reason, B LIGHT designed and manufactured a custom version of ELLIPSE 60 IP67, a steplight luminaire that allowed to illuminate the long stairs leading from the garden to the entrance of the house.

It was necessary to build an ad hoc housing box to be mounted inside the handrail support posts. ELLIPSE‘s flush mounting makes the light perfectly integrated into the architecture, resulting in a solution with a very low visual impact but equally functional. With a light beam inclination of 45°, glare is reduced to a minimum. This feature also highlights the profile of the stairs, especially when observed from the side.

The fixtures MEROPE 100 and OKKIO 55 W were installed in several outdoor areas. The adjustable version MEROPE 100 AD allows to tilt quickly and precisely light beam up to a maximum of 20°, thanks to the external aiming system complete with a graduated scale.

For projects having this level of detail, custom solutions are almost always the only possible option that lighting designers have to give shape to their project idea, and thanks to B LIGHT it was possible to complete the lighting project without any compromise.