For more than 30 years we have been designing and manufacturing innovative electronic solutions that gave birth to outstanding products rewarded at European level.

From 2009 B LIGHT is a boutique firm in the lighting industry, designing and manufacturing in-house quality luminaries for high end projects all around the world in residential, hospitality and retail.

Attention to details, perfect finishes and innovative features make B LIGHT a manufacturer of luminaires “designed to perfection” which are recognized the best-in-class for indoor and outdoor lighting.

90% of our products are shipped outside Italy and 100% are compliant with UL and CSA standards for the North American market.

The use of the most advanced technologies, the in-house manufacturing and the constant contact with sophisticated customers always demanding for new solutions, have developed in B LIGHT the ability to design and manufacture made to measure luminaries.

Over the years custom products have grown substantially and today more than half of our production is made according to the specific requests of the highest demanding customers.

In the design of a new luminaire, we are inspired by the concept of “light as a material for the architecture”. In architecture, we see a growing integration of shapes, materials and technology and our luminaires disappear merging with the architecture that hosts them to show only the lighting performances.