In-ground grazing luminaire with one light sector 90°, two light sectors 90°, one light sector 180°

  • Available in three versions: AGENA 1 – one light sector 90°, AGENA 2 – two light sectors 90°, AGENA 180 – one light sector 180°
  • Drive over load of 2 tonnes
  • Very shallow fixture, only 50 mm
  • Diameter: 99 mm
  • Built in protection from water infiltration and moisture. IP67
  • With the stainless steel finishing it can be installed in the most challenging exterior environments
  • Available in colour temperatures of 2700K CRI93, 3000K CRI93 and 4000K CRI93
  • Wattage: 3W at 48V DC
  • Built-in unpolarized electronic system. Electronic control of operating temperature through a thermal sensor that detects overheat and, by self-regulating the current, reduces the power. This feature guarantees that the luminaire will last with ambient temperature up to + 60° C
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