Button SQ DO

Square marker light with flush tempered glass diffuser for seamless in-ground installation

  • Available in three versions: BUTTON 60 SQ DO, 56×56 mm  – BUTTON 100 SQ DO, 98×98 mm  – BUTTON 200 SQ DO, 198×198 mm
  • Drive over load of 2 tonnes
  • The surface appears evenly lit thanks to the thickness of the tempered glass and the distance from the LEDs. 100% glare-free luminaire
  • Built in protection from water infiltration and moisture. IP67
  • Available in colour temperatures of 2500K CRI93, 2800K CRI93 and 3800K CRI93
  • Wattage: BUTTON 60 SQ DO: 2,3W at 48V DC – BUTTON 100 SQ DO: 3W at 48V DC – BUTTON 200 SQ DO: 10W at 48V DC
  • Built-in unpolarized electronic system
  • 2 wires dimming: 1-10V, DALI. Other dimming options: push button, potentiometer, remote control, DMX, KNX. Dimming options depend on power supply and additional control units to be separately ordered as accessories
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