Because LED industry is in constant evolution, we are always looking for innovative solutions and new technologies in order to offer the best performing and efficient products available on the market.

After all, a LED luminaire generates an “electronic light” and our electronic background has helped us in finding innovative solutions applicable to our products.

Since 2009, we have been using our own Smart Power Technology that, thanks to the electronic components housed in our LED modules, has offered high performances in order to facilitate the installation and guarantee the life expectancy of our luminaries.

Hassle free and straightforward installation:

  • Internal DC driver: our LED modules integrate a DC driver for 24V DC or 48V DC power supply. The main benefit is that low voltage wiring makes long wiring distances achievable. Low voltage also means smaller and cheaper luminaries to install because a power supply can be shared amongst several fixtures.
  • Hot plug protection: if it is a normal practice to wire luminaries with the power switched off, because failing to do so may destroy the LED. On the contrary, our luminaries can be wired straightforward because thanks to the electronic components our luminaries simply work.
  • Unpolarized connection: our luminaries work even when the polarity (+/-) is inverted.

Life expectancy of the luminaire:

  • Soft start: the electronic gradually supplies power to the luminaire, avoiding that the over range current damages the product.
  • Electronic control of the operating temperature of the LED: guarantees the delivery of 50.000 hours to 70% lumen output with ambient temperature up to + 60°. 

Not only electronics. We are constantly looking for new materials and shapes for our heat sinks, new construction technologies and performing optics in order to improve the lit effect of our luminaires.

An example of this cross research of innovative solutions is the electronic control of the operating temperature, combined with an innovative resin solution that prevents humidity from entering the luminaire and that allows us to install the products even in the most difficult and extreme outdoor enviroments.

Working with B LIGHT, means working with the best that LED technology can offer.