Through the years we have always been recognized by the market as a company manufacturing high quality luminaries. With pride we can say we are one of the few companies in the lighting industry that manufactures in-house its luminaries and, in fact, each product of our range is designed and manufactured in our facility in Villotta di Chions (Pordenone), North East of Italy.

The best components. We select the most performing LEDs in the market, the best reliable electronic components to be housed into our LED modules and the best aluminum or AISI 316 L stainless steel for the bodies of our luminaries.

High automation. To guarantee a constant quality over time, the company incorporates a state of the art SMT (Surface Mount Technology) machine for mounting the electronic components and the LEDs on our LED modules and five horizontal axis CNC turn-mill centers for manufacturing the mechanical components.

Further binning process. Even if we purchase from the LED manufacturers only specific and identified bins, it is theoretically possible to notice differences from one luminaire to another within a group. This is the reason why, using our own equipments, we make in-house a second binning screening which allows us to divide the LEDs in further bins in order to offer color uniformity within a group.

Our finishes. The finishes on the surface of our luminaries are perfect even in the smallest details and painted or anodized components are carefull checked to offer a perfect product from every angle. In oder to offer fittings that can cope with the most rugged environments, the painted products are pre-treated to ensure adhesion between fitting and paint.

Quality checks. We test every and each luminaire we deliver to our customers. 100% of our luminaries, in fact, undergo a 72-hour switched burn-in test routine replicating extreme working conditions.

Knowing the cause, there won’t be any surprise in discovering that B LIGHT’s luminaries are long-lasting and the “the state of the art” of indoor and outdoor lighting.