Villa on the island #2

The new B LIGHT wallwasher plays a leading role in the lighting project for a villa in Sicily.

The residence is a combination of simple architecture and modern furniture, which are enhanced by a stabilised lichen wall decoration depicting the world map, viewable from the living area.

The decoration covers the full height of the wall, which is why the new OKKIO 60 WW wallwasher was chosen, as it provides a completely homogeneous light distribution from the upper edge of the wall with no visible dark zones.

Thanks to its innovative optics, the light is precisely focused towards the wall; this special light distribution offers a longitudinal cut-off with no glare (i.e. it is possible to walk under the luminaires without perceiving direct light within the field of vision).

OKKIO 60 WW is part of the new B LIGHT PLUS range, indoor and outdoor glare free luminaires featuring outstanding performances.

Moving outdoors, MEREZ steplight provides light for the staircase steps, while walkways are illuminated by the grazing light of AGENA 1.

The large palm trees in the garden are illuminated by MAIA X1 projectors, which are ideal for private gardens as the hidden cable inside the luminaire protects it from accidental damage during grass cutting or gardening.