Laure Boutique

B LIGHT irradiates the world of cosmetics and fragrances inside Laure Boutique’s stores, a luxury brand in Saudi Arabia

B LIGHT had once again the honor of expanding its horizons by entering the very high-end retail chain, consisting in several stores throughout Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Jawahir is a privately held leading retailer in the Saudi Arabian Kingdom; it hosts a remarkable collection of some of the world’s best luxury brands and has recently opened a Laure Boutique in Riyadh Park. Riyadh Park is set in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh and stands highly above the competition due to its commitment to concentrating on the individual requirements by suggesting the world’s most renowned brands.

Laure Boutique offers luxury cosmetics and fragrances and is dedicated and focused on exclusive brands. Laure Boutique is a new concept for Saudi Jawahir launched in 2015, offering the customers with the best shopping experience.

The large store, with a space of 247 square meters, is a place where clients can revel in the luxury experience of browsing the high-end fragrances and cosmetics. The boutique provides an ambience of elegance, where marble surfaces, mirrored walls, and clean lines improve the display of the iconic luxury products, to reach customers’ satisfaction.The store in fact houses high-end beauty brands such as Tom Ford, Yves Saint Laurent and Dior.

B LIGHT completes the luxury experience with its recessed and completely trimless luminaires of the INSIDE family: INSIDE 65 R, INSIDE 80 R and INSIDE 125 R3, round plaster-in downlights with absolute minimal visual impact which allow a total integration with the store’s architecture.

Attention for detail, elegance, customer’s satisfaction and sophisticated design are important goals that both B LIGHT and Laure Boutique have in common and which have been applied for this prestigious project.