Jumeirah Beach Hotel – Dubai


The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is a hotel in Dubai, opened in 1997. The hotel is made up of 598 rooms, 19 beachfront villas and 20 lounge bars and restaurants; it has a wavy shape that perfectly fits the sail shape of the prestigious Burj Al-Arab, an adjacent luxury hotel and a characteristic symbol of the Dubai skyline.

In the year of its completion the building was in ninth place among the tallest buildings in Dubai, thanks to a height of 93 meters. Today, after more than two decades, the building is not even among the 100 tallest structures in Dubai, nevertheless it remains a characteristic and recognizable building of the city and an exclusive tourist destination.

The studio UMAYA Lighting Design from Dubai provided the lighting project for the recent hotel renovation, in which various B LIGHT luminaires were specified. In the outdoor areas such as the Beach Lobby, the floor recessed fixture MEROPE 140 AD was installed; thanks to the honeycomb filter a good visual comfort and reduced glare is provided, furthermore its adjustability allows to precisely illuminate the various elements.

The fixed version of MEROPE 140 was used for other outdoor common areas, together with the MAIA and MAIA DUO, ideal projectors for vegetation lighting. ATRIA MINI was used for the facade of the building and inside the bathrooms, while ATLAS R and MEREZ were installed in different common areas inside the hotel.

The attention to detail and the care with which UMAYA studio has designed the lighting of every single space of the Hotel, combined with the quality and performance of the B LIGHT products, have further improved an already exceptional hospitality experience.