Hyatt Regency – Algiers


The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Algiers is the first Hyatt Hotel in Algeria and the only hotel directly connected to the new terminal of the Houari Boumediene airport.

To enhance the particular façade of the structure and to create the play of light envisioned by the designers, B LIGHT has designed and manufactured a custom projector: CUPIDO. A total of 420 projectors have been installed and managed through DMX in order to create multiple light geometries that are drawn on the façade. The product has been realized in four different versions (respectively with one, two, three and four light sources with a beam angle of 3°).

Designed to meet the needs of business travellers, the hotel is equipped with all the services and comforts to satisfy those who travel for pleasure aswell. Once inside the structure one can admire the contemporary style that distinguishes the design of each environment.

Sophisticated finishes enrich the spaces with warm tones, while furniture, vegetation and natural light give all together lead to a more balanced visual experience.

The hotel lobby, characterized by the presence of large load-bearing columns and luminous globes compositions, occupies an area of 2200 square meters; in order to ensure proper lighting for such a large and sophisticated environment, it was necessary to create several custom fixtures: two ACOUSTIC RING Ø 200, three OKKIO 40 DUAL CABLE structures, one METAL TEXTURE STRUCTURE, and 298 ATLAS X2 R DEEP SNOOT embedded between the ceiling beams.

Inside the hotel there are three restaurants, thirteen conference rooms, an indoor swimming pool with hammam, four lounge areas, a gym and more than 900 square meters of common areas where groups of people can gather easily.

Each of these spaces needed a lighting solution that could guarantee maximum comfort as well as enhance their unique design, requirements that led B LIGHT to use also many standard products: from the THE MAGNET TRACK F used together with KUBO 54 UP adjustable projectors, INSERTO MEDIUM 40 CL and INSERTO MINI T linear luminaires, ATRIA R, ATLAS R, ATRIA X2 R recessed luminaires, and lastly BUTTON SQ DO, MEREZ, MAIA X1, BUTTON 200 CL used in outdoor areas.