Berra Building – Mendrisio


The latest lighting project by B LIGHT, comes to life in the Swiss city of Mendrisio: the lighting of Stabile Berra, a brand new mixed-use building with offices and a residential penthouse on its upper level.

The project was in need of a fixture able to enhance the building without being excessive: thanks to its wide range of LED luminaries, B LIGHT could meet the needs of the designer, providing a suitable light for every single architectural space.

On the outside, Atria X1 R and Merez SQ – recessed accent lights – were used to emphasize architectural elements using narrow beams of light; thanks to their recessed optics, these devices have a very high glare protection. Each window is illuminated by Atria Mini, a compact marker LED light without visible screw holes, thus perfectly integrated inside the architecture.

Inside the building, a home automation system was installed, with a KNX interface, DMX-integrated: this solution allows a smooth and deep dimming of the luminaries, customizing the use of each setting.

In order to enhance some spaces, two different luminaires – a recessed one and a linear one – were installed in combination: the coexistence of these two elements gives a greater versatility to every single space.

Offices were equipped with the elegant and efficient lighting solutions of the Inserto range: recessed, wall-mounted or suspended, all these devices are characterized by their linear forms and even pure light distribution across their entire surface. Inside SQ 60, trimless architectural downlight for plasterboard, contributed to add luminous accents on various architectural elements.