The Tide – London

Conceived as a ‘destination for art, design, and well-being’, The Tide is London‘s first elevated linear park and runs alongside the river Thames.

The project, located on the Greenwich Peninsula, features many artistic contributions. The Tide is intended to provide an active space promoting free accessibility to all, as well as areas to linger, so that visitors can also engage in running, walking or meditation. Bridges linking between elevated deck “islands” house native trees and vegetation growing in a more natural state.  These islands create platforms for visitors to pause and reflect, and enjoy views of the Thames.

The first kilometer of the structure is an elevated linear segment which runs adjacent to the River Thames and opened to the public from July 2019. These new elevated walkways will evolve and integrate as the park grows. Each completing section is designed to weave through new buildings and connect back into new Peninsula neighbourhoods as they are built.

Once completed, the structure will be 5 kilometer long and it will bring “an unrivalled outdoor experience in the city” as Kerri Sibson, director of the Greenwich Peninsula, defines it.

Ground level passages rely strongly on the indirect light from the stems and underside of bridges to create safe and visually interesting pedestrian routes. Low level lighting is incorporated into planter edges and tree boxes, as well as benches, at ground level and on elevated islands to add interest and depth.

B LIGHT‘s in-ground fixtures MEROPE 100 and MEROPE 140 AD have been used to light the supporting structure and the trees. Both fixtures have been supplied with a honeycomb filter to ensure visual comfort and reduce glare to the minimum.

The vegetation of the park is enhanced by MAIA, thanks to its precise aiming and adjustability.