Art Villa

An outstanding space, where art combines with functionality to give life to a refined and surprising residence: the private house of an art lover is the latest challenge won by B LIGHT.

Inaugurated on September 2016, this house is characterized by a minimal style, designed to best enhance the works of art decorating it — an articulate collection that does not include only paintings and prints, but also sculptures of various dimensions, together with pieces of furniture by the most renowned designer labels.

Different styles, authors and periods are blended in the spaces of this building, in a harmony created by the lights of B LIGHT, achieving a perfect combination of art, design and future technology with their clean and discreet lines.

Inserto Small Track and Mushroom Small T, innovative dimmable liuminaires, were chosen to highlight the works of art while illuminating the indoor rooms in a comfortable way. Thanks to a magnetic mounting, they can be installed on plasterboard into The Magnet Track F.

Mushroom Small PL and Inserto Mini CL were used in the remaining rooms of the house , thus allowing the lighting designer to create the ideal lighting effect in any situation. In particular, B LIGHT’s luminaires proved to be perfect for this project thanks to the CRI93, with a high color rendering index, perfect for the enjoyment of art works.

Linear Tube 112 Slim, Inserto Medium DO and Button 100 DO, inground recessed luminaires ideal to create light paths even in the most complex outdoor areas thanks to their innovative technology, got instead to define the outdoor profiles of the villa and to give light to the garden.

For this important project, too, B LIGHT was able to achieve a lighting consistent with the style of the building, creating a delicate light able to fully exalt the absolute charm of art.