Passion for simple lines, clean shapes and attention for details, together with electronic know-how and manufacturing experience, have lead us to develop an outstanding range of products.

Our products offer astonishing lit effects, high performances and a minimal design distinguished by clean and essential shapes. 

Innovative design. LED technology has allowed to emphasize our way of conceiving a lighting luminaire: we design a product around the LED source, rather than incorporate the LED into an existing luminaire. This is the reason why our products are compact, efficient and performing.

Light that gives emotion. Light is energy in its purest form and it travels through space. It is necessary to imagine what emotions and sensations light can arouse even before designing a luminaire. Thanks to our innovative approach we are able to design luminaires that mould their shape according to the requests of our customers.

Light as material for architecture. In the development of a new product, we are inspired by the concept of “Light as material for architecture”. An concept nowadays common in architecture and contemporary design is the integration between shapes, materials and technologies: our luminaries disappear into architecture which house them in order to highlight only the lit effect requested by architects, consultants or lighting designers.

In B LIGHT we design innovative products for tomorrow’s requests.