1986. Behind B LIGHT’s strategy lies almost thirty years of experience in the electronic field of the founder partners. Since 1986 the partners owns of an innovative company with high quality standards that designs and manufactures electronic equipment for electromedical use, photo printing and later vending machines.

2007. In 2007, the company is sold to a Global Private Equity Fund.

2008B LIGHT is borne. The importance of electronics inside a LED luminaire, that could be defined as a fitting generating an “electronic light”, and the awareness that LEDs are bound to become the leading technology in the future of lighting, drives the partners to undertake this new adventure.

2009First electronic platform. Despite the company started its activity in May 2008, sales begin in October 2009 when the first catalogue is distributed into the market. The company invests significant resources to maintain a team of engineers who design the first electronic platform, which is the common denominator of all B LIGHT’s products. This electronic platform, called Smart Power, is designed to provide to all products the same characteristics so that B LIGHT can be perceived as an innovative company, with a high technological content offering high quality and long lasting products.

2010. Choice of vertical integration. Despite a purely electronic background, the company invests in horizontal axis CNC turn-mill centers for manufacturing all the mechanical components. B LIGHT is today one of the few companies in the lighting industry that manufactures in-house its luminaries and, in fact, each product is designed, manufactured and tested within its facilities.

2012Clean and minimal design. May 2014 B LIGHT releases its 3rd catalogue, completely renewed both in form and in contents with a brand new image coherent with B Light’s philosophy: clean and minimal design.

2014. Moving international. After only few years from the start of the company, B LIGHT is already recognized as a quality brand present in several prestigious projects on international level. October 2014, the 5th catalogue is released with twenty two new products designed according to its essential philosophy: astonishing lite effects, high performance and a minimal design distinguished by clean and essential shapes.

Quality and aesthetic purity, typical of the Italian design, make B LIGHT products perfectly suitable for an international market. The company makes agreements with important dealers for distribution in the Middle East and the Far East.

2015. New factory. The growth in the new markets determines the need for more space for the production and, therefore, in April 2015, B LIGHT moves to a new 2.500 mq facility. First negotiations for the distribution of B Light’s products in North America.

2016. Second electronic platform and new payoff. Technology is moving fast and the company designs the second electronic platform that will affect all the range. More than half of the turnover of the company is generated by bespoke luminaries requested by lighting designers and architects. Perfectly designed and customizable from the shape to the choice of several different materials and finishings, the luminaries combine latest available technology and unique design. This is the reason why the company has created a new payoff “B LIGHT designed to perfection”.

2017. 6th catalogue and ETL listing. Beginning of 2017 is released a new catalogue completely renewed in format including new families of luminaries. In July the full catalogue becomes ETL listed for United States and Canada.

2018. International trade fairs. B LIGHT attends in March to Light + Building in Frankfurt and in October to PLDC, the exhibition for lighting designers held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.