Station Boulevard – Bellinzona

The new lighting project powered by the products of B LIGHT, leading producer of luminaires, becomes a characteristic feature of a charming Swiss city, Bellinzona. The lighting of Viale Stazione is a urban embellishment project, led by the City of Bellinzona Public Works Department.

The new lighting system will allow the citizens to fully live the lower part of Viale Stazione even during evening hours, extending the enjoyment of frequenting this architectural space after the sun sets. In fact, during the evening and night hours, the new light will be able to show images, glimpses, views unexpected by day: in this way, citizens and tourists will be treated to a wonderful and incomparable occasion to perceive the city context in a different way.

Thanks to the multiple lighting sets provided for, the new light design will be a strong element of beauty enhancement for this architectural place, able to move passengers and tourists.

In particular, the project aimed at focusing on the main features of Viale Stazione: the street, the benches, the sidewalk, the trees. Linear Tube 112 Slim – a linear modular luminaire, compact and dimmable, with a powerful wash of light – was selected to illuminate the benches: placed underneath the seat, it creates an unusual floating effect that draws attention to this street furniture element. Inserto Medium DO – a drive over, in-ground, linear marker light, ideal for in-ground details and to create a “luminous carpet” effect – was installed both below trees and along the sidewalk. The different lenghts of the luminous inserts were determined taking account of the spaces traced by gully gratings as for the installations below the trees, in order to highlight green elements, and of the lenght of stones.

The new structure will by managed by an advanced DMX-signal system will allow the creation of multiple luminous sets, thus originating multiples of the same architectural space; moreover, in particular times of the year, it will be possible to create custom luminous settings, depending on the calendar (weekdays, holidays, Rabadan, Christmas, etc).

A new light to make safe and enjoyable a meeting point that, without an adequate lighting, could become dangerous: the new lighting of Viale Stazione will supply an added value to the whole City of Bellinzona, stimulating the presences in this area and promoting the development of social and commercial activities.