Eyeglasses Store – Fermo


In 2014, B LIGHT was chosen as partner for the lighting project for the new headquarters of Ottica Marziali in Fermo, Italy.

The lighting design project involved all the indoor areas of the new store, from the sales area to the technical and service rooms, to the labs: every single space was studied in order to find a specifical ad hoc solution, depending on the needs of the place. In order to achieve the objective of the project, that is to put both the products and the display area in the spotlight, B LIGHT supplied a range of lighting fixtures able to meet the various needs of the project.

For the display and sales areas, Inserto Medium 65 F System linear luminaries have been chosen in order to create a diffused light not to over dramatize the atmosphere but to evenly highlight the decor style, and to make the store easily usable by the customers, that need to be attracted to the place and to the displayed goods.

In corrispondence to the counter and above the tables, some Okkio 100 CL Maxi range luminaires – ceiling mounted lighting fixtures perfect to highlights details – were used, while the shop-windows were equipped with some projectors of the Mushroom Small T range for The Magnet Track, characterized by a modern design, perfect to intensify the chosen elements with sharp intensity and to raise the relief of a specific part of the surrounding environment.

The lighting solutions created for this store are dynamic and flexible since, thanks to the control units Smart Dimm Master 1 and 4, they allow the creation of different sets depending on the window dressing and the decor of the store and display areas and the adjusting of light intensity and quality depending on the time of the day.