Italian Institute of Culture – Malta


The Italian Cultural Institute is also the Cultural Section of the Italian Embassy in Malta: its aim is the spreading of Italian Art and Culture by means of the organization of cultural events, the management of a large library and the creation of a link between academic and cultural institutions in Italy and Malta. In order to perform all these functions, both functional and representative, the IIC is provided with a multipurpose structure of high historic and artistic value.

The lighting of the Hall of Feasts of such a structure entailed the need to keep into consideration the several different functions it could carry out, thus arranging different lighting layouts able to create various light scenes (a general lighting, an accent lighting and a vault lighting) in order to adjust to the possible uses of the Hall (as an exhibition hall to display artworks, as a conference hall and as a concert hall). At the same time, the lighting focuses on emphasizing the architecture of space as well as the presence of paintings and artworks of great value.

For this reason, the obtained lighting is in accordance with several parameters (illuminance level, uniformity of illuminance, chromatic rendering, light shade, glare and contrast rendering) and guarantees a good preservation of artworks by keeping under control the radiations’ wave length, the intensity of global radiation on the surface, the duration of the exposure, the factor of spectral absorption of the illuminated surface, the aptitude to deterioration of the irradiated material.

Custom-made and cutting-edge LED light fittings – able to provide a “clean” light, a high luminous efficiency, the possibility of dimming light, an excellent colour rendering (CRI), a warm colour temperature, in addition to reduced maintenance costs and high energy saving – were specifically created by B LIGHT: Mushroom Medium, indoor projector with an innovative design, dimmable and adjustable (355° adjustment on the horizontal plane and 90° on the vertical plane) and Linear Tube HP 6 Wall, a compact linear luminaire for ceiling or wall, modular, orientable and dimmable, proved to be the perfect solutions for such a fascinating project.