Ultima – Gstaad


A luxury hotel surrounded by the Swiss mountains hides behind the façade of a traditional chalet: Ultima Gstaad Hotel, a jewel of hospitality at high altitude, illuminated by B LIGHT, the leading producer of LED luminaires. Located in the heart of the village of Gstaad, this exclusive resort offers its guests all the comforts of a luxury hotel, without sacrificing the welcoming and homely atmosphere, which has always been a characteristic of mountain accommodation.

Thanks to B LIGHT luminaires, chosen in the colour temperature of 4000K in order to contrast with the warm colour of wood, the Ultima Gstaad Hotel shows itself to its guests in its best light:  from the bedrooms to the SPA, B LIGHT gives the final touch to these refined and elegant areas, ideal for enjoying well-deserved moments of relaxation, just a few steps away from the Alps.

Baster Sq and Baster Sq Mini were chosen to illuminate the ceiling of the public areas – the café, restaurant and hallways. The two recessed and dimmable luminaires belong to the Baster family: their lighting effect can be adjusted so that the designer is free to choose how to add value to spaces and objects. Baster luminaires are also to be found in the bedrooms, together with some luminaires of the Maia family: the adjustable projectors have a sober and neat design and were installed between the ceiling beams in order to add a suggestive and enchanting atmosphere, whereas Maia X1 illuminates the flowerbeds at the entrance of the resort.

B LIGHT used Atria Mini to illuminate the fireplace situated in the hall. Atria Mini is a compact recessed and dimmable LED light, perfect for enhancing the most polished spaces, as it does not have visible screw holes. In the stainless steel version, Atria Mini Inox also illuminates the SPA with a delicate and relaxing light, typical of a high level structure.

B LIGHT did not neglect the walkway to the relaxation area, near the outdoor Jacuzzi. Here the recessed luminaire Lappen 1 was used to create unexpected lighting effects, thanks to the soft oblique light that is its main feature.

Once again, B LIGHT’s innovative solutions together with attention to detail and quality, create fabulous lighting for an enchanting and stylish environment: an authentic jewel.