Barton Perreira – New York


B LIGHT – leading producer of LED luminaires – illuminates luxury with it’s light: Barton Perreira, an exclusive eyewear brand, has opened in New York it’s first store. The world capital of fashion shines thanks to the highly innovative lighting solutions of the Italian company.

Modern, luxurious and very central, the Barton Perreira store opened in Madison Avenue is an ultra-modern jewel furnished with unique pieces: interiors are illuminated by OKKIO 55 AD and OKKIO 80 AD, B LIGHT’s new adjustable downlight luminaires.

Just like an eye they stare at details and search for that distinguishing particular, enhancing it and revealing it with a direct light that changes the balance of space and makes it unique. The architectural luminaires OKKIO 55 AD and OKKIO 80 AD are ceiling mounted and enhance every single element of Barton Perreira’s store discreetly but with extreme precision: luxury becomes the absolute protagonist of space because of light.

The color of the luminaires helps to make this exclusive eyewear temple even more elegant: a pure white that is seamlessly integrated with the essential architecture of the store. With a 90° tilt and a 355° rotation, OKKIO 55 AD and OKKIO 80 AD can be oriented easlily and with absolute precision: innovative solutions perfect to add personality to the environment and to focus on the detail.

Barton Perreira has redefined the concept of luxury eyewear style: elegant and innovative, its sunglasses have conquered the fashion world.
New York admires the latest Barton Perreira models under the light of B LIGHT.