Atelier Rubinacci – Milan


B LIGHT, specialized in the production of LED technology luminaires, lights up Atelier Rubinacci in via Montenapoleone, the Milanese salon of the world-famous custom sartorial atelier: each Maison Rubinacci salon is more than just a store, it is a place to talk about sartorial culture, an esclusive club with stylish products and natural elegance.

The lighting designer considered the particular needs due to the store’s spaces and the client’s demands: B LIGHT procured to supply custom-designed and custom-made products in all their components, in order to meet all the requests and to guarantee every expected result.

The different structure of the ceilings (partly vaulted, partly plasterboard false ceilings) called for an extremely adaptable system: this was achieved through the recessed or suspended installation of a magnetic track (The Magnet Track F and Magnet Track SD) and of adjustable projectors (Mushroom Medium T e Mushroom Small T). The flexibility of these products guaranteed the same mood in every area of the store, together with a uniform view of the goods on display.

In order to recreate a welcoming and warm atmosphere, earlier achieved via halogen lamps and explicitly requested by the client, a cutting-edge LED technology light was chosen, with a very warm colour temperature (2700K) and a high Color Rendering Index (CRI93), able to emphasize and accurately render colors and threads of fine yarns.

The illuminating system included adjustable recessed luminaires (Inside 80R, Baster XS and Baster X1) for the lighting of fitting rooms and corridors, as well as linear luminaires (Inserto Mini CL) for a direct lighting over furniture; linear lights of the Linear Tube 112 Slim range were chosen to illuminate the outdoor areas.

All the installed products were equipped with a special finishing, harmonized with the materials and the tonality of the furniture.

Lastly, every lighting device was connected to control units (Smart Dimm Master 1 and Kit dimmer) interfaced with a managing and control system that allows to switch on, switch off and adjust the intensity of every luminaire of the structure, and to create specific scenic design during inaugurations or special events.