Villa Liberty – Lake Como


A villa overlooking Lake Como, which encloses the fascinating charm of a past époque with an unrepeatable and eclectic “Stile Liberty” (art nouveau) transformed into an exclusive location: Villa Liberty – Lake Como Rooms & Spa, a luxurious resort hotel, is one of the most recent projects carried out by B LIGHT.

Surrounded by a green landscape, close to the lake and the city center of Como, the Villa has been designed specifically for those who seek privacy, glamour and relaxation in a totally alluring atmosphere. It offers multiple comforts in order to make guests feel pampered: a private spa for unforgettable moments, a well equipped gym and a solarium where they can enjoy a wonderful view of the lake while savoring a great aperitif or breakfast.

B LIGHT’s illumination has given a new look to the property from the many iconic outdoor elements, to its more contemporary indoor features. The lighting project involved the whole building: entrance, garden, terrace, rooms, suites, apartments and spa. The luminaires chosen for this project have blended into the environment discreetly and with harmony; the goal was to emphasize the art nouveau features and design details, making them protagonists and enhancing the various areas at the same time.

The rooms are comfortable and welcoming, thanks to the chromatic contrast of a warm dove grey color and a minimal design with some unique details such as four-poster beds and sophisticated paneling. Luminaires used in this location have a minimal and pure design: Baster XS, an adjustable recessed luminaire which enhances spaces and objects, OKKIO 55 SD, a ceiling luminaire perfect for lighting a specific area, Inserto Mini CL, a modular luminaire with uniform light distribution installed in the ceiling.

B LIGHT illuminates other indoor areas such as: the hallways, where we find Inserto Mini CL again, installed in the ceiling, while above the doors of each room we find OKKIO 80 CL in its white finish, which fits perfectly with the space and, thanks to its inner black reflector, minimizes the dazzle thus making the entrance of the the room more comfortable. The spa area features Button 100 DO RGB which allows to create the perfect atmosphere to relax and unwind.

The Atria and Linear Tube 112 Slim luminaires used outdoors help to create a more evocative atmosphere: each garden plant, overlooking the entrance, is lit by Atria. Villa Liberty tells a story that is brilliantly framed by the architectural features of which it is composed, enhanced by Linear Tube 112 Slim, a linear luminaire which, thanks to its perfectly uniform light distribution, helps to highlight details which would otherwise remain hidden.

The terrace, located on the third floor of the villa, is a window onto the lake and Kuadro, a recessed wall luminaire – available with mono-emission and bi-emission beam – refines even more this sophisticated space: its positioning on each column of the terrace helps to highlight the path, and creates a unique, elegant and totally relaxing atmosphere.