Villa by the lake #1

B LIGHT fixtures light up a new private Villa overlooking the lake. Essential lines, balanced volumes and a fine choice of materials guarantee a perfect harmony between the building and the surrounding environment.

To meet the customer’s design’s needs, BLIGHT exalts the stylistic qualities of the architecture both from the inside and the outside using various custom solutions studied appositely.

Starting from the outdoor, MAIA DUO lights the garden’s details with a precise but adjustable beam, MEROPE 140 AD is used to light the olive trees spread out throughout the property; the honeycomb filter guarantees a perfect visual comfort, essential if considering that few olive trees have been positioned in the proximity of reading areas, like the pool area.

ATRIA IN in a customized version has been installed on the garden steps: a special bezel with two different openings was manufactured in order to add more focus on the hedge that runs along the steps and less focus on the thread providing a grazing light.

Closer to the villa BUTTON 100 DO lights the perimeter walls, whilst ATRIA X1 has been used for the impressive entrance.

In the inside of the villa other design solutions have been applied to obtain maximum comfort and visual impact, starting from the MAGNET TRACK CL used together with MUSHROOM MINI projectors in order to guarantee maximum flexibility.

MUSHROOM MINI PL and MUSHROOM SMALL PL are the flush versions of the above mentioned fixtures and have been used where it was necessary to integrate the fixtures in the architecture, without renouncing the adjustable feature.

In those areas where the adjustable feature was not necessary INSIDE 80 R has been installed, this fixture features reduced glare thanks to the recessed reflector.

Yet another residential project that shows how the quality of light makes a difference and is essential not only to emphasize and enrich the architecture, but also to guarantee maximum comfort and well-being of the customer.