Marriott – Constantine


In the gorgeous setting of Constantine, the new lighting project featuring products by B LIGHT, leading producer of lighting devices, comes to life: the illumination of the new and luxurious Marriott Constantine 5 star hotel. In the suggestive city of suspended bridges, B LIGHT helped creating dream settings in an exclusive complex, where even the smallest details of its 40.500 square meters were chosen with great care.

For this project, B LIGHT selected various lighting devices to achieve specific luminous effects in different areas of the structure. MAIA X1 DUO and MAIA X2 DUO, projectors with a sober and neat design, had the task of highlighting the vast façades with their grazing light, creating a play of light and dark with the architectural protrusions and recesses, and the rounded shapes of horseshoe-arched windows. Moreover, outdoor projectors MAIA X1 DUO were CUSTOMIZED to allow a bi-emission of light up and down the external façades.

In order to further enhance this project, another luminaire with an extremely clean and minimal design was added to the previous ones: OKKIO 55 W, an architectural wall luminaire. The interior of the majestic vault, which surmounts the comfortable common areas, was highlighted by LINEAR TUBE HP6 WALL, a linear modular luminaire with a powerful light flux, able to create a wash effect on walls; in this situation, a CUSTOMIZED Dali-controlled version of LINEAR TUBE HP6 WALL was installed. In addition, thanks to the discreet yet efficient presence of INSIDE 60 SQ – a minimal square downlight, plaster ceiling recessed, with a minimal visual impact – common areas could take advantage of a total integration of the light fixtures with the surrounding architecture.

B LIGHT lighted up also one of the most evocative places of this marvelous hotel: the relaxing indoor pool, characterized by a setting that recalls local architectural motifs. With its perfectly even light distribution, INSERTO MINI CL – a compact, modular and dimmable linear luminaire – was able to enhance every detail of this place devoted to relax.