Maghetti District


In the heart of Lugano, shopping lights up with new and unedited lights: B LIGHT has added an original lighting to Quartiere Maghetti, the most central shopping center of the city.

After over thirty years of life, the spotlight is again on this exclusive meeting point dedicated to shopping, services, food experiences, events and relaxation, thanks to the recent restyling that involved not only the commercial spaces but also its lighting systems.

With its completely renovated 400 square meters, Quartiere Maghetti re-proposes itself as a modern and contemporary location, preserving the originality and uniqueness of the characteristic design. The galleries and the entrances of the shopping mall have been enhanced by custom made B LIGHT luminaires, designed and manufactured specifically for the district.

The LED fixtures, installed on the existing recesses of the ceiling, have been positioned following a geometrical pattern. Taking up the geometry of the Maghetti shopping center, also in terms of size, B LIGHT made three versions of the recessed luminaires: one rectangular (MOD 03), one square (MOD 02) and one perforated square (MOD 01).

The solid square was also used both as a wall lamp and as a pendant luminaire, through a configuration that combines four products into one. This choice gives formal coherence to the lighting geometries created inside the shopping center.

Thanks to the homogeneous diffusion of light and to the game of reflections created on the transparency of the windows, a greater brightness of the spaces is obtained, which improves the shopping experience. The Magnet Track version of the Mushroom Small was chosen for the interior of the showcases: thanks to its excellent colour rendering index CRI93 and the possibility of being oriented up to 355 degrees on the horizontal and up to 90 degrees on the vertical plane, this luminaire gives the possibility to create tailor-made lighting solutions suitable for stores, granting an optimal light to the displayed products.

The Maghetti lighting project, once again, proves the attitude of B LIGHT to the creation of custom-made luminaires, which perfectly meet the design needs of lighting designers.