Collegiate Church – Switzerland


In one of its latest projects, B LIGHT has renovated the interior lighting of the Collegiate Church of Bellinzona, in Switzerland. The church, dedicated to Saints Peter and Stephen, is a Renaissance building with Baroque inserts. The wide white façade, made of Castione stone, rises above the city centre.

B LIGHT has been chosen for this project as the supplier of a new series of LED luminaires, specifically designed for the lighting requirements of the Collegiata. In order to provide direct, indirect and accent lighting, B LIGHT has designed three custom projectors and a new custom made version of the Linear Tube – a linear luminaire. All of the luminaires in the church have a color rendering index of CRI>97, which makes it possible to recreate colors as closely to reality as possible.

The 38 asymmetric projectors (with a power of both 17W and 36W) placed along the sides of the central nave and around the dome are rectangular, made of extruded aluminum and have a white, opaque finishing. Moreover, thanks to an aluminum supporting clamp, the projectors are 180° adjustable on the horizontal plane and can beam the light in different directions: namely towards the vault, the choir and the apse.

Similarly, 62 adjustable projectors were located on the cornices in two versions: 17W or 36W – in order to illuminate the architectural details, the decorations and the paintings on the altar, the transept and the two altarpieces. Furthermore, B LIGHT has manufactured 20 smaller projectors, with a wattage of 17W, placed on the four corners of the presbytery, along the sides of the transept and towards the choir for the illumination of various details, such as statues and paintings.

Remarkably, these luminaires have an adjustability of 180° on the horizontal plane and a double adjustability of 180° on the vertical plane, thanks to aluminum brackets. The brackets can be extended up to 65 mm and are equipped with metallic blocks to direct the beam of light onto the selected spots and to guarantee a stable position. The finishing, characterized by Carrara White powdered paint, perfectly suits the architecture of the Church. To complete the lighting project, B LIGHT has created 33 linear systems with Linear Tube’s custom version, installed on the cantilevered cornices along the transepts.

By using two of the features of B LIGHT luminaires, namely, the flicker-free electronic for HD Tv footage and the option of dimming the luminaires from 1% to 100% trough high frequency Pulse-width modulation (PWM), this project has provided a lighting control system. The luminaires in fact calibrate the light intensity trough a DMX control system that provides various light modulations, depending on the occasion or the religious function.

The final result is extraordinary: a light that is able to guarantee clear visual comfort and create a warm and welcoming environment. The interiors of the Collegiate Church can now boast an efficient and long-lasting lighting system which respects the cultural heritage housed within the Cathedral.