Coworking office

A multifunctional building in Switzerland was illuminated using B LIGHT luminaires.

The structure houses coworking offices, but has also several rooms for meetings, conferences and seminars. The largest room has a floor area of 192 square metres and, with a height of 7 metres, required powerful luminaires to ensure proper illumination on the floor.

For this reason, ATLAS X3 R downlights were used, which with a power of 28W each, provide the necessary amount of light for such a large and tall room.

In the corridors, a mixture of diffused and direct light is provided by INSERTO MEDIUM 40 F and ATLAS XS R ceiling-mounted luminaires.

The executive office also has a living area for a relaxed and informal welcome, and was lit using THE MAGNET TRACK CL, on which INSERTO SMALL TRACK luminaires were installed for diffuse light, and CYLINDER 75 adjustable projectors for direct lighting to be directed onto elements such as pictures hanging on the walls and the side bookcase.

Inside the structure there is also a kitchen and a dining room, here a diffused lighting solution was chosen using INSERTO MEDIUM 40 CL SYSTEM, with a line of light that follows the shape of the room.

We find the same product in the pantry next to the kitchen, where a line of light positioned exactly in the middle of the room creates a pleasant effect of symmetry with the furniture and the arch separating the rooms.