Victor Pasmore Foundation – Malta


B LIGHT, specialized in the production of LED technology luminaires, was chosen to light up the Victor Pasmore Foundation, a permanent exhibition hosted within the main headquarters of the Central Bank in Valletta, on the island of Malta.

The Victor Pasmore Foundation was set up in 2012 to conserve and promote Pasmore’s work as a lasting patrimony of contemporary art and to document his influence on the then current Malta art scene and the artists of the time. Victor Pasmore was one of the leading abstract painters of the 20th century: his paintings, constructions and prints are displayed at the Tate Modern in London, the Museum of Modern Art in New York and numerous other leading galleries and collections.

In 2014 the Pasmore Foundation signed an agreement with the Central Bank of Malta to host a permanent exhibition of the artist’s work within the grounds of the Central Bank of Malta Annexe known as the Polverista, a building which originally formed part of the outer fortifications of Valletta, initially used as one of the Bank’s Conference Rooms and subsequently redesigned as an art gallery, thanks to the refurbishment by architect and foundation member Richard England.

The refurbishment necessitated flexible hanging rails for the paintings and a highly sophisticated lighting system suitable for art gallery purposes. In order to meet these needs, Light Design Solutions Malta made use of some ad hoc products created by B LIGHT.

The Magnet Track SD, a magnet suspended track for luminaires provided with fixing magnet support, is a wonderful tool for the designer’s creativity, and was therefore selected as the best solution for the needs of this new exhibition space.

Mushroom Small T, adjustable and dimmable LED projector with an innovative design, revealed itself to be the ideal accurate lighting for paintings: its hooking into The Magnet Track SD through a fixing base with a magnet support allows a wide and clear-cut pointing choice.

Inserto Medium 40 SD, with its linear form, its pure and perfectly even light, was chosen to creare an indirect lighting on the building’s vaults.