The ON House – Milan

The latest lighting project powered by B LIGHT products, leading producer of LED technology luminaires, comes to life in MIlan, enhancing the various settings of The ON House Milano, the new experiential space of Simontech, a company which, thanks to a staff of 30 professionals, develops solutions and projects designing and installing audio, video, lighting, security, climate control, automations and data networks in residences, conference halls, public spaces, and yachts.

The space consists of various settings with different essences, showing the several available customizations by Simontech. The aim of this project was to immerse customers in various atmospheres: the wide range of lighting products by B LIGHT provided the perfect lighting for this new and original space.

The extremely minimalistic design of Kubo 35 UP, a small ceiling mounted architectural projector combining essential geometrical shapes, proved to be perfect to highlight details inside various settings, without interfering with the existing atmosphere.

The curious eye of Maia (in its 360mm version) and of Maia X1 adjustable projectors with an extremely neat design alighted on the outdoors, blending their stems with those of the green compositions displayed in the garden area; the distinctive recessed LED position of these devices makes them anti-glare, thus really safe even when used in walkways.

Mushroom Small T perfectly integrated inside the arts and leisure room. Thanks to its cool shape and its innovative design, it became an integral part of the setting, improving the general environment.

The installation of its support, The Magnet Track F a dimmable, magnet surface mounted track for luminaires, available in various lenghts, gave the designers total freedom to create, allowing them to find the perfect solution for each setting inside the showroom.