CIC – Algiers


The fixtures of B LIGHTleading producer of luminaires — illuminate a majestic complex: the CIC (Centre International Conferences) in Algiers is, in fact, the newest and the vastest congress centre of Northern Africa.

Fascinating and impressive thanks to its imposing architectures and its luxuriant green areas, the CIC is a real oasis of vitality, located in the exclusive Club de Pins area, on Algiers glistening seafront. Inaugurated in September 2016, it is going to be one of the most technically advanced convention centres in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) and quite possibly in the world. A 207.500 square metres area exclusively dedicated to welcoming guests and managing events, exhibitions and meetings, featuring flexibility and state-of-the-art equipment; with its 8.045 square metres of glass and 15.160 square metres of marble, the CIC is characterized by a hypermodern design echoing local architecture.

In order to appropriately illuminate such a captivating and multifaceted space, B LIGHT made available a wide range of its products, even in customised versions, to guarantee the ideal lit effect in any situation.

For the majestic Theveste Auditorium, seating 6000 people in an overall space of 6.300 square metres, several lighting solutions were selected in order to highlight the futuristic architectural lines of the room and to channel the gaze of participants towards the stage. INSERTO MINI SLIM CL — a linear luminaire for ceiling or wall installation with an essential and minimal design — creates evocative light blades in the walls and, in its RGB version, it gives colour to the circular engravings on the ceiling. General and accent lighting are provided by a bespoke system of 140 gimbals, created following the designer’s specifications, each adjusting five projectors and managed by a sophisticated DXM control. The selected light sources for this project were high emission LED lamp sources with a color temperature of 3000K and CRI93.

The Djmelia conference room has a seating capacity of 700 people: encased by wooden panels inlaid with lines of light, it is illuminated by 500 light fixtures of various intensity and size, all part of the ATLAS range — a recessed downlight luminaire, dimmable and able to provide a powerful lit effect ideal to highlight architectural spaces. The same luminaire, together with INSERTO MINI SLIM CL, accents the inlay work and the perimeters of the many multi-purpose rooms, creating fascinating plays of light.

Connecting spaces and corridors get their light from INSERTO MEDIUM 105 EDGE — a powerful L-shaped decorative and dimmable wall luminaire: installed on the many columns in these ambients, it proves to be ideal to illuminate edges within an architectural space.

An innovative multiform setting which allowed B LIGHT to bring to the fore its wide range of cutting-edge lighting solutions.