Casinò – Lugano


The lighting solutions of B LIGHT — leading producer of lighting luminaires — won a difficult challenge: enhancing such a complex environment as the Casino of Lugano, on the occasion of the most important and ambitious restyling since its opening.
Due to the particular characteristics of this project (the need of a rationalisation of spaces, in addition to a general restructuring of existing systems and a highlighting of the various areas through different luminous solutions), it was necessary to carry out a scrupulous research to identify the most suitable lighting luminaires to answer every design need; moreover, the existence of many surveillance cameras inside the Casino required an efficient way to neutralize the effect of horizontal lines that switched-on LEDs usually cause on film.

The project designer thus selected MUSHROOM SMALL T, a projector with an innovative design, dimmable and adjustable (355° adjustment on the horizontal plane and 90° on the vertical plane): this luminaire proved to be fundamental because, thanks to the High PWM dimming frequency and to its high chromatic output, it was able to perfectly satisfy the requirements of the Casino in terms of security.
In dimming LED luminaires, in fact, a PMW signal is used: it creates horizontal lines that are recorded by video cameras. Thanks to the electronics equipped inside its products, B LIGHT takes advantage of a High PWM dimming frequency that neutralizes the effect of horizontal lines, thus guaranteeing perfect video recordings: in fact, the high frequency does not interfere with cameras installed inside the Casino and pointed at the gaming rooms. Furthermore, the high chromatic output allows video cameras to identify both cards and their color, as well as chips, in order to prevent any potential cheating.

Moreover, since MUSHROOM SMALL T is magnet-installed, it is possible to move it easily, depending on the needs of the room. The original fixing base of MUSHROOM SMALL T is, in fact, a magnetic support, allowing it to be installed on the revolutionary THE MAGNET TRACK, a magnet surface mounted track for luminaires provided with fixing magnet support: dimmable and with a 24 Vdc power supply, it is a wonderful tool at the service of designers’ creativity. THE MAGNET TRACK was used to create a direct lighting over the gaming tables — crosses of magnetic tracks were specifically designed and placed above the tables for the installation of MUSHROOM SMALL T adjustable projectors.

LINEAR TUBE 112 SLIM, a modular and dimmable luminaire, available in custom made lenghts on request, was selected to light up the Gaming Room using the “Shanghai” technique: the suspended linear light fittings partially overlie, allowing the creation of a diffuse light on the whole area. The the dimming system of LINEAR TUBE 112 SLIM allows a smooth and deep dimming, ensuring the absence of flickering even at low dimming levels.
Technologically advanced and efficient lighting solutions, with a clean and innovative design, able to offer a perfect experience to clients and staff of the Casino of Lugano, a real gaming “boutique”, as well as to those of every public environment they are installed in.