Inserto Medium 105 SD/105 SD2

Linear form and great lighting potential for a one side emission or two sides emission pendant luminaire 

  • With an even light distribution across the entire surface
  • Model Inserto Medium 105 SD: direct light only. Model Inserto Medium 105 SD2: direct and indirect light
  • Available in colour temperatures 2700K CRI93, 3000K CRI93 and 4000K CRI93
  • Available in increments of 250 mm: from 780 to 2530 mm
  • Range of optics and several product finishes are available to suit every application
  • Lamp wattage 40W per meter (Inserto Medium 105 SD) or 80W per meter (Inserto Medium 105 SD2, 40W direct light and 40W indirect light) at 48V DC. Features on board DC driver that ensures overcurrent protection and it is not polarity sensitive
  • 2 wires dimming: 1-10V, DALI. Other dimming options: push button, potentiometer, remote control, DMX, KNX. Dimming options depend on power supply and additional control units to be separately ordered as accessories
  • IP40
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